How to have a socially distanced wedding

How to have a socially distanced wedding. Mobile Image

Oct 06, 2020

As of 4th July 2020, marriage ceremonies were re-allowed following the coronavirus pandemic. This is amazing news for all who had to put their weddings off, or were worried their special day wouldn’t go ahead.

However, there are SOME STRICT RULES TO ADHERE TO. How many people can attend? Do we have to practice social distancing? Let us answer all your questions and explain how to have a socially distanced wedding. 

1. Reduce the guest list

Although government rules continue to change, one thing that stays the same is that you will need a more limited guest list than you had probably planned. 

We know that you might want your grandparents at your wedding, but for their safety and for the sake of your numbers, perhaps consider setting up a live stream for them. 

You might also have to be strict on not allowing plus ones, and this might include asking not allowing children at the wedding.

One thing that will make it easier is that “anyone who is working” will not be part of your limited number count. This means that you don’t have to consider the officiant, photographer or any staff employed by the venue. So all you need to think about is you and your guests.

When you’re cutting down your list, start by figuring out who you couldn’t possibly get married without being there, and work backwards from there. 


2. Adjust the ceremony

Keep it short, keep it sweet and keep it outdoors!

If British weather complies, having an outdoor ceremony is safer than having it inside. Indoor weddings are still allowed, but guests might feel more comfortable in the open air. 

Your venue should also be taking additional steps to ensure safety, so try not to worry about things too much!

Keep the ceremony as short as possible.You don’t have to rush – this is still your wedding day after-all, but government rules say that ceremonies should be “concluded in the shortest reasonable time”. 

You can still read your own vows and, if you’re having a religious wedding, one short reading is also allowed.

Someone can still walk you down the aisle if you are part of the same household or social bubble. But if you’re not in a bubble together, this shouldn’t happen. Unless you walk down the aisle 2m apart which is definitely an option!


3. Coordinate the seating

Now that you’ve got a new and reduced guest list, you might need to shuffle the seating arrangements around. People should sit in their social bubbles, so your close families can still sit together. 

Encourage people to stay in their seats as much as possible and let them know they shouldn’t get within 2m of other social groups.

Add name tags to chairs for a great way to make sure everyone stays in the same place and there isn’t too much moving about.


4. Combine safety with fun

See if you can get some personalised face masks before the big day with “Team Bride” or “Groom Squad” on them. This would be a great way to encourage everyone to wear face masks and keep the wedding as safe as possible.

When adding decorations and flowers to your venue, dot hand sanitisers around too. There’s also no reason why you can’t get some printed labels to go on these! For example “to have and to hold…but only after you’ve sanitised your hands”. 

Don’t forget to get creative with your photos! Snap some shots of everyone 2m apart, with their masks on, or try a socially distanced photo-booth.

We know your wedding day is important to you, so we’re here to make every step easier for you, especially at the moment. 


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