Bridal Makeup Trends

Bridal Makeup Trends

As the bride, you are the star of the show on your wedding day. The makeup look you select to wear down the aisle should reflect what makes you feel most comfortable, most beautiful, and most yourself. There are many options to choose from: full-glam, or barely there? Highlight your cheekbones, or emphasize your eyes? To help you decide on a style, here are a few of our favorite trending takes on bridal makeup:


No-Makeup Makeup



For brides favoring a fresh face, the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look was made for you! This popular trend consists of neutral, earthy hues and minimal coverage, resulting in glowing skin and bright eyes. The no-makeup makeup look invites your natural beauty to shine, creating youthful, effortlessly breathtaking bridal appearances.

Smoky & Sultry



The smoky bridal look is perfect for brides seeking to exude an irresistible, romantic aura. This makeup style can be achieved by utilising dark eyeshadows, defined contouring, and winged eyeliner. This sultry technique showcases your eyes, sharpens your features, and adds a flair of drama to your bridal look.

Bold & Bright



If you’re seeking an attention-grabbing, maximalist makeup look, consider opting for a bright colour palette and glittering details. This unique take on bridal makeup can be accomplished in a number of ways to best fit your style, ranging anywhere from colourful eyeshadows, unique eyeliner approaches, or touches of shimmering texture!

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