Are wedding ceremonies allowed?

Are wedding ceremonies allowed?. Mobile Image

Jul 09, 2020

Now that some parts of the UK are starting to return to normality, what does that mean for wedding ceremonies? Are they allowed to go ahead as planned, or are there still restrictions in place for those waiting to tie the knot? We take a look at what the restrictions say for weddings at the moment (9th July 2020) to see if your big day can go ahead, or whether you might need to think about making some adjustments! 

Can ceremonies go ahead?

While wed love to give a straightforward yes or no answer, its not quite that simple!  In some circumstances, weddings can go ahead - depending on the size and location of the event.  If your wedding is taking place in England, from the 4th July 2020 you can have up to 30 guests - all socially distanced of course! The government has said that gatherings of more than 30 people can be allowed, but only in certain public places - although they strongly advise that numbers are kept below 30.  For other parts of the UK, the regulations are slightly different. From early June, Northern Ireland allowed ceremonies to take place outside with 10 people, with Wales and Scotland also allowing wedding ceremonies to take place now. However, social distancing must be adhered to and no big gatherings are allowed at the moment. If you're planning to go ahead with your wedding (congrats!), the UK government has published some guidelines to follow - thats if your ceremony is based in England. 

How will COVID-19 affect my wedding day?

Based on the UK governments Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships, there are some best practices you need to be aware of ahead of the big day: Heres a brief overview of the regulations:
  • Social distancing should be adhered to at all times - think ahead as to how this will be maintained at your ceremony
  • Weddings should only take place in COVID-19 secure areas
  • Ceremonies should be kept short and sweet
  • No food or drink should be consumed at the event
  • Hands should be washed before and after the ring exchange
  • Children should be supervised at all times
  • People should avoid singing and playing instruments - if singing is required, only one person should do so

Im getting married soon - what should I do?

Its clear from the regulations listed above that any weddings happening in the near future will be very different from what you had planned! With that in mind, its completely up to you whether you want to go ahead with your big day, or postpone it to a later date.  If you want to postpone your wedding, get in touch with your venue. It's likely they've been dealing with numerous couples looking to postpone their wedding, so they'll probably be well equipped to help you out in this unfortunate situation.

Will winter 2020 weddings go ahead?

Touch wood, things are looking positive for weddings to start to return to normal by the end of year! If the governments plan is successful, its likely that winter weddings will happen - and that even vulnerable people and those who have been shielding will be able to attend (so long as health and safety practices are followed). However, this is only if the infection rate continues to drop, so nothing is set in stone.

Are wedding dress shops open right now?

Yes! Whether youre planning on getting married in the next few weeks, hoping to have a winter wedding, or have postponed your wedding until next year, wedding dress shops are now open for you to visit.  The Alta Costura shop is open, and we have a new system in place to ensure the safety of our lovely customers and our staff. Book an appointment to visit our showroom today - wed love to hear from you.