How to have a virtual hen do

How to have a virtual hen do. Mobile Image

Jun 12, 2020

If youre a bridesmaid who has been carefully planning an awesome hen do for their best gal pal and now Coronavirus has struck you might be feeling at a loss that all the plans are out the window. With the current lockdown restrictions in the UK, we can no longer go out on those mini breaks, pub crawls or bottomless brunches - bummer. That doesnt have to mean all hope of a fun hen celebration is lost, with modern technology we can bring our friends close together even when were far apart. 


So your first step in creating your virtual hen do is to get your group on board! Whether the wedding is going ahead or is postponed it is a good idea to mark the day that the official hen do would have happened - to save those wedding blues for your bride. Reach out to all the invitees and make sure they keep the date free, you may decide to tell the bride or keep it a secret - its all up to you! Now have a think about what the bride likes and dislikes. The type of hen you had planned initially can help inform your choices for the virtual hen. If you were planning a big, boozy night out then you will probably want some drinking games ready. If you had a friendly family celebration in mind then you may want some less risqué games! If you have a super chilled bride and had planned a spa weekend then perhaps youre ditching the alcohol and planning some crafting and relaxing activities. There isnt just one way to throw a virtual hen do - the key is to make it suit the blushing bride to be! So now youve got an idea of what style of virtual hen youre planning, have a look at our selection of ideas below to kick your party planning into the next gear.

Substitutes for a big night out

If you had planned a big night out for your bride, you might want to consider a themed party to allow for a group fancy dress. Try to think of ideas that people might already have in their house to save any unnecessary shopping. If your bride is a teacher you could dress as pupils, perhaps shes a cat lover and youre all going to dress as cats! The world is your oyster. For all virtual hen dos, it's ideal if the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids can drop off a hamper of goodies for the bride. For a raucous virtual hen here are a few things you might want to include in the hamper: fancy dress outfit, shot glass, fun decorations and a hangover kit for the next day!

Family friendly ideas

A virtual hen do doesnt have to be full of drinking to be fun! You can play virtual games like Charades and Pictionary with family friendly clues. You also might want to create a fun quiz based on your bride to be. Have each of the guests come up with a couple of questions based on your guest of honour and you can all see how much you know about her! Other fun activities could include an online cocktail (or mocktail) masterclass delivered via zoom from a company like The Cocktail Service. You can all participate from the comfort of your own homes and enjoying seeing each other attempt their cocktails too. If youre looking for an activity thats a bit more homemade then you could decorate cupcakes or go for a bridal shower classic like making a wedding dress out of toilet paper or even a where were we quiz of guessing where the happy couple were in a selection of photos. For the all important virtual hen do hamper you might want to include some of the following: prosecco, shloer or your brides favourite tipple, a champagne flute, a bride-to-be sash, pretty decorations and definitely ingredients/materials needed for any games you have planned.

Suggestions for chilled brides

If you had a relaxed hen planned for your beautiful bride then bring the relaxation to the virtual hen too! As an activity you might want to incorporate a cocktail or cake decorating class as mentioned above. If the bride is crafty, you could consider a DIY task like making homemade flower crowns. If youre looking for a more mindful activity why not participate in a virtual yoga class - contact a yoga teacher from your area to book one in and support a local small business in the process. Just because the spa is closed doesnt mean you cant bring the spa to you. The hens can all join in the same relaxing activities from afar! Most people will have easy access to the materials needed for an at home manicure, you could all apply a face mask or even a homemade skincare treatment like these! In your chilled bride hen do hamper think about including any ingredients or materials needed for your DIY activities, manicure tools, a pretty nail varnish colour, herbal tea, a comfy cosy outfit for the bride, a yoga mat, and some ready made decorations like inflated balloons.


Now the boring stuff - logistics. With the lockdown situation it is likely that you have already had some kind of virtual hangouts before so consider using a program that youve used already as most people will have it ready to go. Some options to consider are Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and Facebook Messenger Rooms. If you want to find out more about our full range of dresses and accessories you can browse our website or book an appointment for our new virtual wedding dress shopping experience. You can find out more about the virtual wedding dress appointments here - we cant wait to help you find your dream dress!