How to make your wedding guest list

How to make your wedding guest list

How to make your wedding guest list. Mobile Image

Feb 21, 2020

Getting married is such an exciting event, not only for you but also for your family and friends. With so many people keen to celebrate with you it can be really hard to decide who to invite. Weve compiled a list of things to consider to help you decide who should make the final cut.

Wedding feel

It's helpful to decide what size and format of wedding you want before you compile your final guest list. Do you want a big party or a small intimate occasion? Do you want to get married somewhere that is local and therefore easier for guests to get to or have you always dreamt of a destination wedding abroad where inviting lots of guests simply isnt practical? It's also worth discussing with your partner whether you would like to have your ceremony in registry office, church or venue. A church wedding often includes a large number of guests whereas a registry office ceremony could be more private with just you and your witnesses. In many cases couples choose to have a smaller number of guests at their ceremony, with a big reception party later on in the evening to help bring costs down.


Weddings are often thought of as a big family occasion but inviting all of your relatives isnt for everyone. It can be helpful to start by thinking about what level of family you want to include - will it be just close relatives, will you include aunts and uncles, will you include cousins? If you can make a blanket choice this will immediately limit your guest list and make it easier for some guests to understand why they werent invited (if you invite none of your cousins then theyre all in the same position). If in doubt it's always worth thinking how recently you saw the person to decide whether to include them in your day or not.

Plus ones

One issue that can quickly expand your guest list is the inclusion of plus ones for guests. Not everyone on your guest list will actually require a plus one, as much as they might like one. Try to consider if there will be multiple solo guests at the wedding that know each other - they can be seated together and keep each other company. Friends and family in relationships may expect their partner to be invited and etiquette generally suggests that husbands and wives are invited together. For some guests in a long term relationship an invite for their partner could be appropriate, perhaps if theyve been together a long time, or if you know both people in the couple. No matter who you decide does or does not get a plus one, make sure you are clear on invitations and RSVPs who is invited - if possible try to include plus ones by name and mention on the RSVP that only named guests are invited, due to numbers.


Everyone has different views on children at weddings. Some couples feel that weddings should be big family occasions and that naturally guests with children will be expected to bring them. Nowadays however, many couples are choosing to have a child-free wedding. If you plan to invite children make sure that you have entertainment to keep them occupied. One easy way to do this is to include an activity pack on their table at the wedding breakfast. If you plan on having a child-free wedding then be sure to make this clear on your invitations and give parents plenty of notice to arrange childcare.


Finally, make sure you factor your budget into your guest list decisions. If you have a small budget but want a bigger wedding you can bring costs down by not getting a per-head package, reducing food costs by following some of our advice here. It is important as you choose your wedding venue to find out what their pricing is and compare their prices to your ideal guest list and budget to try and find a venue that will cater for all of your guests without leaving you too out of pocket. Remember the important thing is that you have the most important people there - your bridal party. You can make sure they are all kitted out in style by visiting Alta Costura! As well as our bridal gowns we also have a great selection of bridesmaid dresses and accessories to choose from, contact us to book an appointment.