7 steps to finding your perfect wedding shoes

7 steps to finding your perfect wedding shoes

7 steps to finding your perfect wedding shoes. Mobile Image

Oct 18, 2019

In life, you fall into one of two categories: youre a shoe person, or youre not a shoe person.  The shoe person can strut her way into any store, from bargain bins to high-end boutiques, and you can guarantee she will come out with an enviable purchase every time. Never phased by chaotic sales racks, they cant resist treating themselves to a new pair on payday and know exactly what they want for their big day.  Alternatively, you could be a bride who has found herself falling into the latter category. Youre blindsided by all the options, ambushed by a flurry of sandals and slingbacks left, right and centre. The wedding day is rapidly approaching but you cant get past the first page of online shopping search results without getting flustered. Sound familiar? Well call off the search party, as were here to offer a helping hand in finding those dream wedding shoes that will make Cinderellas glass slippers look like bin bags (unless thats the vibe youre going for, of course). 

1) Dont give up too quickly

If youre not a shoe person, you may just want to get the shoe-buying over and done with so that you can focus on the elements of your wedding that excite you more. Understandable, but much like your spouse-to-be: if you dont love them, theyre definitely not The One. Take your time and make sure youre certain that youre happy: your perfect pair is out there! 

2) Always keep your venue in mind

Its easy to get caught up in a whirlwind romance with those sky-high stilettos you tried on, but just remember that they may not be the best choice for a romantic beach ceremony or a quirky festival gathering. Theres only one type of head-over-heels that you want to be when walking down the aisle, and it doesn't involve you landing flat on your face. 

3) Experiment with different colours...

Remember that wedding shoes dont always need to be white! You can be dazzling in a darker shade or rocking rose goldyou can even add a fun pop of colour if thats more your style. Metallics, depending on the colour that you go for, can give your look a chic edge or a classic vintage feel or there might even be another wedding accessory that catches your eye to match them to. Bottom line: give other colours a chance, as they may just surprise you. 

4) ...But make sure it still looks right with your dress

If you dont want to lug your dress around with you while shoe shopping, you may be able to get a sample of the fabric cutif youre getting your dress altered or having it custom made, its definitely worth asking your seamstress. Alternatively, snap a few photos of the dress to take with you, and try to take them in natural light so that you get the truest reflection of the colour. 

5) Pinterest is your friend

Uninspired? Start pulling together some Pinterest boards of wedding outfits that have caught your eye or shoe styles that you like, even if theyre not necessarily wedding shoes. You can then get a better idea of what to search forare you pinning a lot of lacy flats or is your board covered in kitten heels? 

6) Check out some vintage fairs

If you feel like youre seeing the same things over and over again or just begrudge forking out a lot of money for a pair of shoes you dont think youll ever wear again, then dont! You can get some truly unique pieces at vintage fairs and charity shops that are sometimes completely unworn. Worst case scenario? Youll come out with a few more cosy vintage jumpers for when youre nursing your champagne hangover the next morning. 

7) Dont worry about anyone else

Its completely normal to feel worried about what everyone else will think, but the single most important thing is to buy shoes that make you feel like the best version of yourself. The same goes for your dress, and with styles from size 6-36 theres sure to be something thats truly you from top to bottom at our Maidstone store in Kent. Why not book an appointment and pay us a visit? Well make sure the dress-buying process is a breeze, even if the shoe-buying isnt!