Essential tips and tricks for planning your wedding

Essential tips and tricks for planning your wedding

Essential tips and tricks for planning your wedding. Mobile Image

Apr 18, 2019

So youve just got engaged, congratulations! After the emotional rollercoaster of becoming a fiance, the comedown can be hard when the reality of planning a wedding sets in. Organising the most important day of your lives can seem daunting, which is why weve put together some essential tips and tricks to help you on the road to your big day.

Choosing the date

Perhaps the most important decision of all is choosing the date for your wedding. Are you set on a particular day or can you be flexible? Midweek weddings are becoming more and more popular as they are less expensive than the much sought after weekend dates. The season you get married in will also be important - some wedding venues are seasonal so be sure to think about that. When considering the date of the big day think about your honeymoon as well, as you dont want to plan a picturesque trip to Thailand to arrive there and find out its monsoon season! Try and make sure your chosen date doesnt clash with other events in your area - think sporting events, conferences or national holidays. You want your guests to be able to book hotels and have smooth journeys to and from your venue.

Setting a budget

Its easy to get ahead of yourself and start splurging, but before you make any big financial commitments its time for you and your partner to set a budget. Make sure that as well of thinking about all the big spends that you factor in smaller details like favours and dress alterations. Knowing what you will and wont compromise on will help you stay focused and inside your budget.

Selecting the venue

Maybe youve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding in a beautiful castle, or perhaps you want a small, intimate garden party? You could even want to travel across the world and get hitched on a beautiful, white and sandy beach heaven! The location of the venue is paramount when planning your wedding. You want a venue that your nearest and dearest will be able to get to with ease, and you also need to make sure that it fits the amount of guests you have! If youve got your heart set on a certain venue, visit beforehand if you can - this will allow you to meet the staff and scope out the logistics of the place. Discuss what you need from the venue and this will make your decision easier.

Choosing your guests

Deciding on the guest list should be high in your priorities at the start of your wedding planning journey. Once youve decided on the number that will help you narrow down your choice of wedding venue, and catering for the ones you love will undoubtedly take up a large portion of your precious budget. So dont leave it to the last minute!

Get organised

In an ideal world we would all be able to afford wedding planners - have a look at our blog about hiring a wedding planner for more information! If you cant afford a planner - or love the thought of organising your wedding yourself - there are plenty of affordable ways to help you tackle your to do lists and manage your spending. High street brands like Paperchase have a beautiful variety of wedding planning books, or if youre a bit more high tech there are many wedding planning and organisational apps to help you stick to your goals.

Getting a helping hand

Dont be afraid to ask for help! The bridal party, groomsmen and friends and family are extra pairs of hands if youre feeling overwhelmed. Everyone has their own skills so use that to your advantage - for example if youve got a particularly crafty bridesmaid then ask her to help make invitations.

Take some time off

Planning a wedding can seem like a full time job - and of course for some people it really is. However, you need to make sure you set aside time where you relax and put the big day out of your mind for a while. Try a romantic date with your fiance, a shopping trip or blowing off some steam on a night out.

Finding 'the one'

Of course we cant forget one of the biggest elements of your big day - the dress! It can be hard to know what style you want, so make sure you allocate some time to visiting bridal stores to find the perfect dress for you. Be open minded and ask lots of questions - we love it when brides are curious about different styles, and are always happy to help any bride find the right dress to make them feel comfortable and beautiful! Why not book an appointment with us today to see what we have to offer? Wed love to hear from you. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you on your way to making the most out of the best day of your life. Try not to sweat the small stuff and remember what your wedding is really about - you marrying the love of your life. Good luck with the planning!