How to buy the perfect engagement gift

How to buy the perfect engagement gift

How to buy the perfect engagement gift. Mobile Image

Jan 14, 2019

Does it feel like everyone you know has got the wedding bug? Has your brother finally popped the question, or perhaps your best mate is getting hitched? Whoever it is, youve probably had the expected engagement party invite. Now youre wondering, do you have to buy them an engagement present? Well dont worry - weve done the hard work for you and have got you covered! When it comes to deciding what to buy, the first thing you need to do is find out exactly how formal the engagement party is going to be. If its just a casual, couple-of-friends-down-the-pub sort of vibe, you probably wont be expected to do more than buy a round. However, if its going to be slightly more formal, the likelihood is you shouldnt arrive empty-handed. So now youre thinking, what kind of gift should I get? Its unlikely that the happy couple will have given you a gift registry to choose from, so its up to you to decide what you think theyd like the most. Luckily for you, weve put together a list of ideas that are bound to make any couple smile.

Beautiful and useful

The engagement party usually comes before the real nitty gritty of wedding planning starts to take hold. Why not give them something they can use to help them along the way? We love personalised gifts for that little extra sparkle, so have a look at wedding planners, wedding fund money boxes or a keepsake box. That way, youll be providing them with a gift thats both heartwarming and useful! Wedding planner We love this elegant planner from notonthehighstreet, as it looks beautiful and is packed with all sorts of handy pages for mood boards, scheduling appointments and even a space to draft their wedding vows. Or why not help them on their way to affording the perfect day with a charming wooden money box.

Practically perfect

If youre thinking of giving your couple something they can both treasure and do together, have a think about getting them some gift cards or vouchers. This gives them the gift of choice - so they can get exactly what they need, be that something for the home, a little trip away or anything in between. For all sorts of variety, wed suggest taking a peak at Groupon, Virgin Experience Days or Amazon. engagement photoshoot A voucher for an engagement photoshoot is a sweet present that means they can remember this special time forever. Or perhaps if they love learning new skills, a cookery course might be a great present with a little bit of extra flavour! Whatever you think the couple might like, you can be sure a gift voucher will give them something to smile about.

Sap it up

Want to get brownie points for an uber-cute gift? Think matching mugs or perhaps a framed map of where they met. For gifts with that little extra oomph, feast your eyes on Prezzyboxs website or take a look at Etsy for that extra special gift. Youll have us to thank when you get that coveted seat at the head table! matching mugs So there you have it, some food for thought for getting something for your favourite smug couple. Whether theyre fun-loving and adventurous, neat and house proud or anything in between, youre now equipped with the knowhow to hit the present nail on the head. Next stop - the big day!   If you or someone you know is still looking for the perfect wedding dress, book an appointment with Alta Costura. Wed love to hear from you.