Top 10 Beautiful Locations for the Perfect Instagram Wedding - 2019

Top 10 Beautiful Locations for the Perfect Instagram Wedding - 2019. Mobile Image

Jan 30, 2019

3rd January 2019, Maidstone: Alta Costura, a bridal store situated in Kent, has identified this years most photogenic wedding locations based on data taken from Instagram posts throughout 2018. Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, the idea of the perfect Instagram wedding has become increasingly popular with couples planning to get married. Couples are now well-versed in using social media platforms to document their big day. They have even taken to using tools like personal hashtags to collect candid photos from guests. Despite this, couples still cant ensure that their wedding photos will look good on Instagram. From research conducted in September 2018, Alta Costura has identified the best locations for an attractive wedding on Instagram in 2019. The research used all of the shortlisted wedding locations from the annual UK Wedding Awards, the results of which were determined by an expert panel of four judges. Using hashtags, Alta Costura was able to rank the 10 most Instagrammed wedding locations in UK. The results highlight the ten best locations for couples hoping to have the picture-perfect wedding on Instagram: 1. Hampton Court Palace, Surrey [caption id="attachment_3491" align="alignnone" width="1024"]@twoguysandatortoise @twoguysandatortoise[/caption] 2. Warwick Castle, Warwickshire (West Midlands) [caption id="attachment_3492" align="alignnone" width="1024"]@daveperryphotography @daveperryphotography[/caption] 3. Leeds Castle, Kent [caption id="attachment_3493" align="alignnone" width="1024"]@mavricphotography @mavricphotography[/caption] 4. Lusty Glaze Beach, Cornwall 5. Bodleian Libraries, Oxfordshire 6. OH ME OH MY, Merseyside 7. Culzean Castle and Country Park, South Ayrshire 8. Foxhills Club & Resort, Surrey 9. Eltham Palace, Greater London 10. Cliveden House Weddings, Buckinghamshire These results not only show the most photogenic locations... they also highlight the most Instagrammed counties for couples struggling to find a location for their wedding. With more than one entry in the top 10, it is no surprise that Surrey is ranked as number one. There are also a couple of counties that do not feature in the top 10 locations list, such as Essex and Somerset, with Buckinghamshire falling just outside the top 10 counties at number 11. The full list of this years UK top 10 beautiful counties for the perfect Instagram wedding:
  1. Surrey
  2. Warwickshire
  3. Kent
  4. Cornwall
  5. Merseyside
  6. Oxfordshire
  7. Essex
  8. South Ayrshire
  9. Greater London
  10. Somerset
How to take wedding pictures that will get you likes on Instagram:
  1. Choose a picturesque venue
Finding the perfect photogenic venue may seem daunting, but can be a really easy way to guarantee Instagrammable images for your wedding feed. Choose from any of the locations featured in our top ten UK venues to make sure you get the perfect backdrop.
  1. Add a filter
Filters are a quick and easy way to get more engagement on your wedding photos. There are over forty unique filters to choose from, and they can be applied to any style of photo. Struggling to find the one that best suits your snap? According to Canva, Clarendon was voted the worlds favourite filter because it brightens, highlights, and intensifies shadows. Its closely followed by Juno in second, with Sierra and Valencia coming in joint third.
  1. Get a professional
Your big day is stressful enough without having to worry about getting good pictures for your Instagram. Treat yourself to a professional photographer to capture moments of both you and your guests. Youll get high-resolution pictures that are framed correctly and will look beautiful for years to come.
  1. Capturing intimate situations
Photographers are good at capturing the traditional images, like large groups, but can sometimes miss some of the intimate moments. The solution? Get friends and family to partake in a hashtag for the big day! This will help you capture candid photos of intimate situations throughout the day and night. Dont worry about thinking of a witty hashtag - you can use any of the free hashtag generators available online.
  1. Find your best side
Yes, its really a thing! Before your wedding day, take a few images of yourself from different angles to find your best side. This will give you the best chance at looking good in photos from your big day - let the photographer worry about the rest! Married at the winning venue Jeremy and Andy, more commonly known by their Instagram handle @twoguysandatortoise, comment on getting married at the winning venue, Hampton Court Palace: Getting married at Hampton Court Palace couldnt have been easier. Their incredible events team helped to take all the stress away by guiding us to the best vendors and services, and they helped to ensure the big day itself was flawless. You dream of getting married in a venue like Hampton Court Palace, never thinking that one day it could be a reality. Following the release of these results, the owner and director of Alta Costura, Alta Saffery, comments: We are really excited about the release of the new Instagram wedding counties top 10. We hope that it will encourage couples to explore areas and venues that they had not previously considered for their wedding. We know that everyone has different ideas for their perfect wedding, and perhaps these results will help people look outside their immediate area to find their ideal venue. About Alta Costura Alta Costura is a bridal store based in Maidstone, Kent, that offer brides-to-be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Its bridal consultants are skilled in offering advice on dress styles, shapes and fabrics. In addition to wedding dresses, Alta Costura also offers accessories and bridesmaid dresses. Book an appointment with Alta Costura today - you won't regret it!     download-button