Should you use a wedding planner?

Should you use a wedding planner?

Should you use a wedding planner?. Mobile Image

Nov 05, 2018

Should you use a wedding planner?

We know that during the first few weeks of your engagement you will be on cloud nine. Receiving heartfelt congratulations from friends and family, celebrating the next step in your life with your soon-to-be lifelong partner... Whats not to enjoy? Then, suddenly, reality sinks in: you have to start planning the wedding. You might be filled with dread at the thought of having to plan your wedding, or for the fortunate few you might be jumping for joy! Either way, its a big task. There are lots of elements to consider and your organisational skills will need to be in full swing. But what if you could hire someone to take that burden from you? Were going to take a look at the benefits of using a wedding planner to help you decide whether it would be the best option for you and your wedding. Wedding planner notebook flowers

What are the benefits of using a wedding planner?

First things first, lets take a look at some of the benefits of using a wedding planner:

- Using a wedding planner will help save you a lot of time and energy that could be put to better use, like visiting the Alta Costura Bride shop to find your perfect dress!

- It will make the whole process less stressful, so you can focus on enjoying your engagement and looking forward to the big day.

- Believe it or not, it can actually save you money. Using a wedding planner, particularly a well-established one, will give you access to inside connections. As well as this, wedding planners should avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can result in unnecessary spending.

- You wont have to worry about making time to visit venues, chefs, and other suppliers because your planner will do this for you.

What are the downsides of using a wedding planner?

Now weve had a look at a few of the benefits, its useful to have a look at some of the downsides too:

- Hiring a wedding planner will add additional expense to your wedding, there are no two ways about it! Not only will you have to pay for the wedding planner, but you might also have to spend money on new ideas that you hadnt previously considered.

- You will have to relinquish some elements control, which can be difficult. Being too overbearing or controlling (sometimes referred to as being Bridezilla) can make life hard for your wedding planner, and this will affect the outcome of your wedding day.

- Your wedding might not feel as personal compared to if you had planned it yourself.

Now that youve considered some of the pros and cons, what should you consider before making your final decision? Alter flowers arch


You might have a specific budget set aside for the wedding itself, but have you considered the cost of hiring a wedding planner? Bidvine has placed the average wedding planner cost at £850 for 2018, although the overall cost will vary depending on what assistance youd like. A wedding planner can be used as little or as much as you need, so bear this in mind! If you need to adjust your budget to make room for a wedding planner, why not have a look at our tips for having a beautiful wedding on a budget?


Much like if you were going to use a personal shopper, its always a good idea to go with someone who understands your style and the type of wedding you want. Discuss what you want in detail - nothing is too small or insignificant when it comes to your wedding! A good wedding planner will be able to grasp the concept you have in mind and make that into a reality.


The last thing you want is a wedding planner that is hard to reach and unresponsive - as if planning a wedding wasnt stressful enough already! If you decide to let someone else take charge of your special day, make sure you know that they are reliable. Will they be good at responding to questions you have? Will you meet regularly for updates? Consider contacting their references before making your final decision. Alternatively, use a planner that has been referred to you by a friend or family member to make sure youre happy with their level of service.

Is a wedding planner right for you?

To answer the question should you use a wedding planner?, it really does depend on the type of person you are and the type of wedding you want. Think about what you want from your wedding day and how youd like to achieve it. If youre excited at the thought of planning your wedding, perhaps a wedding planner isnt for you. If, however, you have little desire to plan your wedding, why not hire a wedding planner to take care of the details for you? Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the build-up to the big day! Are you ready to start the search for your dream dress? Book an appointment with Alta Costura today.