Thank you gifts for your bridesmaids

Thank you gifts for your bridesmaids

Thank you gifts for your bridesmaids. Mobile Image

Oct 22, 2018

Choosing your bridesmaids can either be an incredibly easy task, or a really tough one. Depending on how big your inner-circle is, you will either have chosen your bridesmaids years ahead of your engagement or youll have dreaded the day you had to finally make your decision. Either way, your bride squad should be a tribe of people you care about the most, the people you can rely on in any situation and the ones you couldnt do without on your special day. Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a huge honour and privilege. For most, being selected for this duty is a huge gift and nothing could possibly supplement this role. But as bride you might want to thank your bridesmaids for supporting you on the emotional roller coaster that can be planning your wedding and getting married. A small token to show your appreciation can go a long way but what makes a worthy gift? Heres some ideas of what you can give as thank you gifts for your bridesmaids:


Jewellery can seem like an obvious choice but with so much bridesmaid gift jewellery flooding websites like Etsy and Not on the High Street its difficult to know where to start. The solution? Keep it simple and keep it personal. You should (hopefully) have a good idea of your bridal partys tastes but when it comes to picking something to suit all, your best bet is to keep it classic. Choose traditional metals like gold or silver and keep the engraving (if thats your thing) small and discreet. Following these simple rules should result in a super smiley bride squad!bracelets

Gift box

Gift boxes of candles, creams and chocolates can be put together expensively or on a budget - either way your bridesmaids will appreciate the effort. For those who find themselves running out of time, the internet can also provide you with endless pre-made and personalised sets thatll take the stress out of choosing what to put in. gift box

A print or wall art

A print of a zodiac sign or a special quote can make a great personalised gift for your bridesmaids. Maybe you have a special quote or saying that you share with them, or maybe you just want to share some inspirational words that mean a lot to you. Either way a personalised piece of wall art can make a beautiful gift that will last a lifetime. With tons of options online, this gift isnt one that will break the wedding budget but is one thatll mark a lovely memory. priscilla-du-preez-753598-unsplash

A travel set

If youre looking to indulge your bridesmaid with a gift theyll use time and time again a travel set can make the perfect present. A leather set will last a lifetime and whenever your bridesmaids use it theyll be reminded of just how much you mean to them. Travel sets can come in a huge range of varieties, colours and prices and can also be personalised. A simple internet search will leave you with plenty of options to help you find the perfect set. alvaro-serrano-133360-unsplash

Thank you card/letter

For brides that may be on a budget or worrying about what the best possibly gift may be, remember that the gift of being chosen as a bridesmaid is often more than enough. You may have already spent a lot of money on their dress, shoes and maybe even their accessories, so an additional gift is rarely expected. What can mean more to most people are a few heartfelt words in a carefully written letter or card. Letting your bridesmaids know just how much it means to you that they are by your side on your special day really is better than any material gift. rawpixel-1048281-unsplash   To find your perfect wedding dress SIMPLY BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.