How to have a beautiful wedding on a budget

How to have a beautiful wedding on a budget

How to have a beautiful wedding on a budget. Mobile Image

Sep 25, 2018

For many of us, our fantasy wedding is planned out to the finest detail. Personalised stationery, flower walls, THAT dress... even the really fine details like your perfect wedding shoes or table decor. But so often its those fine details which make the difference between an expensive wedding and a budget one. From luxurious favours to embossed invites, weddings can quickly become real money pits but an expensive looking wedding doesnt HAVE to blow the budget. Now, were not saying we can promise you that real flower wall but with some extra effort, a confident attitude and plenty of planning every bride can have a beautiful wedding on a budget.

The Guestlist

Putting together your wedding guest list is a tough job but it can be even tougher when youre on a budget. It may seem obvious but the more guests you have at your wedding - the bigger your budget will need to be. Unfortunately theres no easy solution to this one except being firm with who is absolutely essentially and who in 5 years time might not even be in your life. If youre worried about hurting peoples feelings slip into conversation the building costs of your wedding and how youre on a budget. Most friends or family will understand the expense of the modern wedding. NAME CARD

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

When youre planning a budget wedding your Pinterest account is your best friend. The DIY Bible is full of tips, tricks and helpful hacks on all things homemade. Make a list of all those tiny touches that are important to you and use Pinterest as a way of discovering how to make them yourself. Ask for favours from wedding guests or Bridesmaids and get them to pitch in and help to make your dream wedding a reality. pinterest

The Invite

On the topic of DIY, the wedding invite is possibly the simplest budget cut you can make. Many brides and grooms have even foregone the paper invite and opted for a digital invite instead. These green invitations not only save you money but also save the planet and can be totally personalised and interactive. If youre not willing to take the plunge for this technical trick then consider searching the web for wedding template designs and print them yourself on quality paper. The internet is full of beautifully designed wedding invitations which can be easily edited from the comfort of your home. Try looking at free design websites such as and let your inner artist out for the day! invite

The Cake

Depending on your skills in the kitchen this might be one you could consider taking on yourself, though if it isnt - consider asking a friend or family member to take on the task instead. We all know someone whos well known for their bountiful baking abilities so use your connections to your advantage. Chances are, your baking buddy will be truly flattered to be able to contribute to your special day. Take some time to come up with ideas together that are within your bakers ability. You dont want to ask them to deliver something they cant and be disappointed on your big day. cake

The Wedding Favours

How many weddings have you attended and left the wedding favour behind? Ultimately no one is going to miss their presence on your special day so dont feel pressured into thinking you need to have them at all. That said, if youre certain you want them think about making them yourself or better yet asking someone to make them for you as a gift. Mini jars of jam, homemade biscuits or even some shop bought chocolates all make simple and affordable gestures to have as wedding favours. favours

The Bridal Prep

Before your big day you will want to buff and polish yourself like youve never done before! But beauty doesnt have to come at a price. List the beauty treatments you want prior to your wedding day and think about those you could do yourself. A homemade pedicure, body scrub and eyebrow maintenance are all simple treatments you can do yourself and can save you hundreds. Make it into a fun event and invite your bridesmaids over for a whole evening of prenuptial preening. Youll soon forget the salon once you get pampering with your pals. make up

Foliage not Flowers

One of many couples biggest and extravagant expenses are often the flowers. Although they can easily be left out - a wedding with beautiful flowers is one to remember. The solution? Opt for foliage rather than flowers. Well chosen foliage can be laid out across tables to look truly inspiring and can come at a smaller cost. Wedding date dependent, you could even gather your own foliage from your garden or the countryside. Just remember to ask permission before you start pruning your neighbours hedge! photos-by-lanty-719702-unsplash Ready to find your dream wedding dress? BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT AT ALTA COSTURA TODAY.