How to entertain your wedding guests

How to entertain your wedding guests

How to entertain your wedding guests. Mobile Image

Aug 20, 2018

Planning out your wedding day is like a carefully thought out strategy with one main goal - experiencing a day youll never forget. But what about your guests and the memories you want them to have of your special day? Most guests understand that a wedding day is only ever about the happy couple. Though for the bride and groom, the pressure of entertaining so many guests can seem daunting they want them to enjoy the day too. So, whats the answer to this wedding challenge? Providing the best opportunity for guests to mingle and entertain each other! Guests that can entertain themselves will be happy ones, so leave every opportunity for them to do exactly that. Heres our guide on how to entertain your wedding guests

Utilise the Hen-do!

A wedding is about two families coming together but sometimes it can be difficult to encourage those families (and friends) to mix. Combat this by utilising the hen and stag dos. These pre-wedding-parties are often a far more relaxed and less emotional affair, meaning people can feel more at ease. Invite key members of both families and mix in your different friendship groups to encourage people to build relationships before your big day. A fun hen-do activity mixed with a few glasses of bubbles is the perfect combination to get people laughing. The result? Wedding guests who have already started their own friendships! hen  party

Give speechmakers a time limit

Wedding speeches are often a truly touching part of any special day. They bring the opportunity to share heartfelt memories, emotions and belly-laughs - though, they can also bring some stifled yawns. Provide your speechmakers with a time limit to keep your guests entertained. Explain that the time limit is important to keep the day on schedule and your speechmakers should understand. The best-best man will happily provide a time-effective speech.

Get gaming

If youre lucky enough to have some extra space in your wedding venue then nothing beats a good old fashioned garden game. Quoits, jumbo towers and giant noughts and crosses are affordable additions to any wedding day. You could even enlist the help of some groomsman in hosting your very own school-style sports day. The winning prize? Their very own dance with the bride.

Try some cracking wedding favours

In the world of wedding favours, long gone are the traditional sugared almonds. Wedding favours have evolved into a plethora of fun activities, conversation pieces and keepsakes. And whats to stop you ticking all the boxes? Wedding crackers have become popular in recent years allowing you to choose a combination of activities, keepsakes and toys as different cracker prizes. Your guests will be able to share some cheesy jokes and play Christmas-cracker style games throughout the day. They can even personalised and used them as placeholders.

Avoid the beige buffet

The evening meal on your special day doesnt need to be a traditional beige buffet. Street food caterers,cocktail makers, ice cream vans and even doughnut walls are all a possibility for your big day. A whole platform of delicious savouries and sweet treats are bound to keep your guests talking. cocktails

Plan your music

Nothing can entertain guests more than a good boogie! But with choice mostly limited to a band or a DJ, many of your guests will have experienced it before. The answer? A wedding silent disco! Guests receive a set of headphones with multiple playlists that they can pick from. Your guests will get to choose their own style of music and youll be entertained watching them dance in what seems like silence!   Although you may spend time worrying about your guests enjoying themselves, its important to remember that your special day is only really about you and your partner. Forget about any potential mishaps and let loose! The best weddings are always those where the bride and groom look like their having the time of their lives. So, make sure you delegate any worrying tasks or duties to close family and friends and enjoy every moment.   To find your perfect wedding dress - simply book an appointment.