The essential wedding photos checklist

The essential wedding photos checklist

The essential wedding photos checklist. Mobile Image

Jun 22, 2018

Your wedding photos will keep the memory alive of your wedding for years after the day. Youll be filled with nostalgia and joy looking at some of the most beautiful memories of your life. While you may wish that you could snap every second of the day, unfortunately its just not possible. Instead, you can prepare a list of all the must-have snaps which will make your wedding album ever more personal and special to you. Your photographer may be a professional - but theyll 100% appreciate the guidance on getting your perfect snaps. These are a few must-get wedding photos....

The pre-wedding dressing room shots

This is where the nerves and excitement levels are high as you get ready with anticipation. Pre-wedding photoshoots of the bride and her squad getting ready are very popular. Your photographer can take pictures of you applying your mascara, your bridesmaids having their hair done, or group photos of all the girls in matching gowns and sipping a glass of fizz. Remember to ask the photographer to get a few snaps of the groom and his groomsmen at this stage too. make up

The wedding dress

Choosing your wedding dress took a lot of thought, and its going to be the most special dress you ever wear. So, before you put it on, it deserves a photoshoot for itself. Your photographer will help you to find the best place to hang it for the shot. Then, just pop the dress on a hanger, find a secure place to hang it, and then its ready. You could also ask the photographer to get some pictures of you putting the dress on as these can make for the most gorgeous candids.

The bride and her squad

You probably had a few of these at your epic hen party, but dont forget to get a pic with your glam squad on your wedding day too. Get all the girls to put their dresses on and take a few pictures before you leave for the church.

The wedding transport

If youve hired some swanky transport for your journey to/from the ceremony then you definitely need to have your photographer take some photos to remember your (literal) journey to marriage. wedding car

Walking down the aisle

As the bride, youre the only one who cant fully appreciate the back of your gorgeous dress. So make sure your photographer knows to get some pictures of your walk down the aisle. You may even capture your partners face as they see their future wife walk towards them.

Exchanging vows & the first kiss

The most defining moment of the whole day is when you say your vows to each other and after a long time of wedding planning - youre finally married! bride and groom saying vows

Couples shot

These will be the first photos of you as a married couple. Youll usually have some time in between the ceremony and the reception for these shots. Its a good time to take advantage of your surroundings - especially if your ceremony is held in a beautiful location.

Group shots

This is the time to get your family and friends involved. Its a good idea to give your photographer a list of specific group shots that you want. The list may include:
  • Bride with mother and father
  • Groom with mother and father
  • Bride and groom with brides close family
  • Bride and groom with grooms close family
  • Bride with maid of honour
  • Groom with best man
(Warning - it can take ages to get everyone together for these, so plan the time into your day) Have a good think about this ahead of time. And remember that the photographer isn't a mind-reader... If there are any special connections you'd like them to capture (or pairings you'd sooner avoid), be sure to let them know.


You probably put a lot of effort into your decorations for your wedding day. Youll want to remember them forever. Specify on your list exactly what you want pictures of. It may include the centrepieces, flower arrangements, seating plan and name cards, wedding favours, fairy lights or whatever fabulous additions you have. Dont be shy to ask your photographer for shots like this. Its the little details which can make your whole wedding. table decoration

The toasts and speeches

Emotions are usually high at this stage of the day. Whether people are crying at the brides dads speech, or in stitches laughing at the best mans speech about how the groom never used to be able to handle his alcohol... they can make for really memorable shots.

The wedding cake

Unfortunately, you cant have your cake and eat it too. You need to make sure the cake is snapped before your hungry guests devour its deliciousness later in the day. wedding cake

First dance

This is an essential addition to your wedding photo list and can make for one of the most romantic photos of the whole day.   If you want to find your dream dress that will look picture-perfect on your special day, then book an appointment with our expert bridal team.