10 unusual hen party ideas

10 unusual hen party ideas. Mobile Image

May 24, 2018

The second most exciting part of planning your wedding, after choosing your dream wedding dress, is planning the hen party. If you want a unique hen party then take a look at these ten quirky ideas. If youre not in charge of planning your hen party, and its one of your bridesmaids duties, then hint by sending this list their way So, without further ado - lets get hen party planning!
  1. Escape rooms
If you want an idea thats slightly out the box, you may need to get into one. This physical adventure game involves players (or in this case, hens) being given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms. The bride and her girls need to unite in order to escape successfully. Perhaps go for some cocktails after, to quench that thirst after some serious brain-boggling escaping.  abstract-architecture-art-2214912. Go-Kart Racing Want to get everyones hearts racing during your hen party? Then some fast and furious go-kart racing may be the perfect activity. A little healthy competition can be a great thing for you and the girls. Although we do warn - hat hair is a serious possibility with this one 3. Sushi Party Add a touch of sophistication to your hen party by trying a sushi-making class. From nigiri to temaki, youll be taught how to roll like the Japanese professionals. Its a fun activity where you get to eat the goods after. And during. What more could you want? Of course, its probably a good idea to double-check that the majority of your hens like sushi too. And its not just raw fish - its totally suitable for vegetarians. sushi4. Make-Over and Mini Photoshoot  If you love a touch of glamour in you life, and want this to continue through your hen party, then this is the activity for you and your girls. Book to have your make-up and hair done by the professionals and have a pre-wedding glam sesh. Its also a fun idea to make the photoshoot themed. You could travel back to the 20s, right through to the 90s. Its a fun way to let your hair down, or have it put up, for the hen party. 5. Hiking Hen Party If youre a bride who adores the great outdoors, and one who enjoys nothing more than the fresh air and spending quality time with your best friends, then a hiking hen is the one for you. Not your average hen do, but it offers the opportunity to make some epic memories and take scenic pictures. Make sure your girls pack their walking boots and not their favourite heels... hiking women 6. Perfume Making Trained perfume consultants will introduce you to the world's finest ingredients to make some truly heavenly scents. You even could coordinate with your hens to all wear it on your special day. It would be a beautiful reminder of your wedding day whenever your wear it. 7. Glamping If you love spending time outdoors, but arent quite at the hiking level, then glamping may be the ideal activity for your hen party. Glamping means luxury. No wrestling with tent poles or using a questionable-looking shower block, you and your hens can relax and enjoy the finer things. You can chat with your favourite girls around a fire with a glass of wine and fairy lights, and snuggle into a comfortable bed afterwards. Lovely. 8. Zombie Bootcamp Not for the faint-hearted, easily-scared, or brides who look forward to a more glamorous hen do. Possibly as unusual as they come, a zombie boot camp is a possibility for your hen party. Possibly more intimidating than a stressed-out bride, these zombies look scarily real. The bride and her hens must join forces to work as a team and defeat an army of hungry zombies. It may be a good way to release any stress during the wedding planning (or potentially cause a little more). 
  1. Zen Party 

If total relaxation is more your thing, then why not plan a zen party? Stress-free and fun, zen parties could range from a short yoga retreat, to a day in your nearest spa. Think massages, steam rooms, afternoon tea, healthy smoothies, pilates and facials. some doing yoga 10. Belly-Dancing Lessons Not your usual weekend activity, but belly-dancing lessons will provide you and your hens with a lot of laughs. Youll be assigned a professional instructor who will teach you real rhythm. Some will pick the moves up quickly, others not, but its guaranteed to be fun for the whole group. So, get your Shakira Shakira on!     If youre still on the hunt for your dream wedding dress then book an appointment well help to find one that youll fall in love with.