How to choose your wedding flowers

How to choose your wedding flowers

How to choose your wedding flowers. Mobile Image

Apr 13, 2018

Youve confirmed the colour scheme, finally found your dream dress, tasted and tested all possible wedding cake flavours, so now its time to choose the flowers! Wedding flowers give brides the opportunity to sprinkle their creativity and personality throughout their special day. The journey to choosing your perfect flowers is exciting, but also a little daunting. If the thought of choosing the most beautiful bouquets is overwhelming, dont stress, were here to lend a helping hand.

Whats the first step?

The first step to deciding on your flowers it to know your budget and stick to it. This way youll avoid the disappointment of finding the perfect (but seriously overpriced) bouquets. Youll need to think about what flowers you will need and prioritise the most important ones into your budget first. The bridal bouquet should be top of your flower list, followed by the venue, and then table decorations. The florist will then be able to only show you the flowers which you can afford. There are so many options, you will never be short of choice. arrangement-beautiful-beauty-306066

Do I need to think about my wedding theme?

Yes! Your chosen flowers could make or break your wedding theme. If your wedding is shabby chic, opt for a dusty-coloured rose wedding bouquet, filled with sweet pinks, purples, and whites. The popular choice for this style of wedding are amnesia roses, as the faded purples and pinks look perfect in a small posy bouquet. The soft colours could then be carried on through the whole of the wedding. Rustic vases filled with lavender would add to the shabby-chic vibe at the wedding party. If your wedding is going to be a more modern-glam, contemporary affair, then youll want to choose the flowers to match. Gerbera flowers are a great choice for this wedding theme, giving the day a colourful pop. wedding flowers

Do I need to stick to the colour scheme?

Feel free to play with different shades and colours, and dont feel restricted by your colour scheme. If you want to make an impression, you could use bold pinks and reds to brighten your big day. If your colour scheme is understated, such as soft pinks or blues, run some more intense shades of that colour in your bouquets. Every bride loves a mood board, so get creative! Place different colours against each other to see what beautiful combinations you can make. Looking to Pinterest for inspiration is always a good idea. assorted-beautiful-bloom-698884

How do I choose the right bouquet for my wedding dress?

The most important wedding flowers will be yours. Take time to browse through bridal magazines can really help you to know what appeals to you. Its important to pick a bouquet which compliments your wedding dress perfectly (as we know more than anyone that choosing the one was no easy task).   Mermaid style wedding dresses perfectly suit simple posy bouquets, as you dont want them to detract attention from the detail of the dress. The general rule is the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet. If you have a column dress, then you dont want to be holding half the garden. Princess ballgown style wedding dresses could be matched with a more extravagant bouquet. wedding flowers

How can I personalise my bouquet?

Everything you choose for your wedding reflects you. The wedding bouquet should be individual to your wedding day. If you have any special charms or trinkets, see if your florist can incorporate them into your bouquet. Or, perhaps there is a name of a flower which is special to you. There are speciality roses such as David Austins Georgia, Charlotte, and Grace. Stick to your roots and incorporate a flower which represents your region. If you have Scottish heritage, its a popular choice for the groomsmen to place thistle in the pockets of their suits.   beautiful-beautiful-flowers-bloom-289519

Would silk flowers be the best option for me?

Brides who suffer from hay fever could consider opting for silk flowers. Artificial flowers have been made so life-like, that its hard to distinguish the real from the fake at first glance. Plus, a benefit of silk flowers is they can be kept for years after the wedding, so act as a nice memory of the big day. To sweeten your day even more, spray a little of your favourite perfume on your silk flowers. beautiful-bloom-blooming-916340

Where can I find a wedding florist?

After forming a creative list of all your ideas, the next step is find the florist which will make your floral dream a reality. You could take on the task yourself, but it will be a lot of added stress, so we recommend seeking help from the professionals. Make a shortlist of local florists, go in for a chat, show them your Pinterest board, cut-outs, scrapbook, magazines, and present your ideas to them. Show them the colour schemes and styles you like best and see which florist the best fit for you is. Rock My Wedding have a wedding directory full of suppliers so check out what florists are available in your area. art-materials-arts-and-crafts-bloom-597329

When do I need to book my wedding florist?

Your wedding florist should be booked roughly six to nine months before your wedding day. The best florists in your area will likely book up fast, so dont leave your flowers until the last minute. Most florists will ask for a deposit to be put down for the wedding date, so bare this in mind. blooming-bouquet-bouquet-of-flowers-160803   We hope you found these tips to choosing your perfect flowers helpful. Book an appointment with our friendly team if you want to find your dream dress to match.