Bridesmaid duties: everything you need to know

Bridesmaid duties: everything you need to know

Bridesmaid duties: everything you need to know. Mobile Image

Apr 17, 2018

Its a great honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid. After the initial excitement, you may be wondering what will be expected of you from the bride. Well, youre going to have a key role pre-wedding, during the wedding and following the wedding. Its a big task, but one which will be filled with fun and leave you with lots of special memories. These are just a few things you may be asked to help with before the big day.

Wedding planning duties

Planning a wedding is a daunting task for the bride to take on alone. The list of things to do is going to be endless, so shell be eternally grateful for the help from her closest girls to help her through. You need to be ready to pitch in with all the plans for the wedding should the bride ask for help. This could range from making invitations and planning the table decorations, to helping choose her wedding dress. Its all about taking a little stress off the brides shoulders. Take every task with a smile and help to make everything run as smoothly as possible. Remember, dont commit to everything if you dont have time. Instead, choose and prioritise the most important events and tasks.

Choosing the bridesmaid dresses

Of course, you will need to arrange a shopping trip to find all the bridesmaid dresses. If your bride has asked a few of her friends and family to be bridesmaids, youre going to need to be open minded. Finding a dress which everyone likes, and suits, could be difficult. But, if everyone remains positive, and calmly tells the bride if they feel uncomfortable in any styles, then it will be made a little easier. We also suggest you establish with the bride whos paying for the dress from the get-go. Weddings cost a lot of money, so dont be surprised if the bride needs a little help with the bridesmaid dresses. By sorting this early, any awkwardness will be successfully avoided!

Attending the rehearsals and hen party

The pre-wedding events all help to build the excitement for the wedding day. As a bridesmaid, youre expected to attend all that you can (best task ever, right?). Whether its an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, hen weekend, panic-shopping trip for underwear, or a drink for stress relief, the bride will love you being there with her every step of the way. The hen party is traditionally organised by the maid of honour, but the bridesmaids will usually have an input with the cost and planning.

The day before the wedding

The days leading up to the wedding are needed to check that everything is in place. Prepare to help to pick up any hired items, like table décor or accessories. This is the day to book any last-minute beauty appointments. These are both a calming and fun activity to get you excited for the big day. Be prepared to help set up the wedding venue with all the fabulous decorations which you have helped to choose. If youre spending the night with the bride, then pack some the essentials. This may include face masks, scented candles, chocolate or prosecco. The bride is going to need calm vibes to ease the excitement and nerves!

The wedding day

Set your alarm early for the wedding day so you can help her get ready, and then yourselves. Bring a camera along and get some snaps of all the girls having their makeup and hair done. Once everyone is ready youll head to the ceremony! Depending on the brides preference, youll either walk down the aisle first, or will follow. You may be asked to give a reading at the ceremony. So, make sure this is practiced and prepared to save yourself stress. During the wedding breakfast and party, youll need to be on-hand for any outfit or headache emergencies. Bring an emergency pack filled with the essentials, like safety pins, paracetamol, hairpins, a mobile and makeup. Youre responsible for making sure she looks her very best. The brides wedding dress may cause her a little hassle when she needs the loo, so a little assistance may be needed. But dont worry... its then time to let your hair down and enjoy the party.

After the wedding

The bride will forever be grateful for help the day following the wedding day. You may all be a little tired from all the fizz, dancing and socialising, but its a must that you help clear up the venue. Your mission to be the best bridesmaid completed   If you want to try on our gorgeous collection of bridesmaid dresses then book an appointment well help to find one that everyone falls in love with.