Creating the perfect wedding gift list


When you’re planning your perfect big day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the little things. You may have already chosen your dress, selected your venue and picked your colour palette – but it can be the countless smaller tasks that seem daunting.

Your wedding gift list though? That should be one of the fun parts.

Creating the ideal wedding gift list can be the perfect moment for you and your partner to sit down and visualise the next chapter of your lives together. From the tableware you’ll dine on day after day to the vase you’ll keep your future anniversary flowers in, creating the dream wedding gift list will give you the chance to fantasise about your future.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a wedding gift list is a selfish act though. Your wedding guests will thank you for taking away the stress of choosing the right gift. Not only that, you and your guests will be glad you won’t have to pass on or waste unwanted gifts.

The best part? You’re not only able to ask for things you really need, but you’re also able to choose those things you’ve always wanted. The perfect wedding gift list will allow you to fill your home with the little things you’ve always wanted.

Here’s our guide to creating the ultimate wedding gift list.

Get the price right

It’s understandable that asking loved ones for specific gifts can seem a bit awkward especially when it’s not something you’re used to. The best way to overcome this feeling? Make sure your wedding gift list has the right mixture of price ranges for all your guests. Guests will rather they buy something that you’ll enjoy so don’t feel shy – just make sure you don’t ask for too many pricey gifts!

Consider what needs upgrading

When we first start living with our significant others we don’t just share our lives – we share our belongings too. By the time you might have chosen to tie the knot you may already have a mish-mash of crockery sets, cutlery and saucepans that you don’t use. See your wedding gift list as an opportunity to upgrade your culminated belongings and get the perfect sets that suit you both as a couple.

Leave enough time

When you’re bogged down with wedding stationery and dinner menus it may feel too soon to start thinking about what gifts you’d like to receive. However, it’s important to make sure you leave plenty of time before your big day for guests to buy your gift. Don’t underestimate how busy your guests will be; give them the opportunity – and time – to get shopping.

Plan for the future

A wedding gift list is the ideal chance to get those items that none of us really like spending money on but are completely useful. Think small kitchen appliances, glassware that will only make an annual appearance and those plush ‘guest towels’. These items are investments that you’re likely to need but may be reluctant to spend on. The solution is easy – add them to your wedding gift list and you’ll take the guilt away.

Don’t get too carried away

Remember that although you may be inviting 100 guests to your special day, not every one of them will buy you a gift. Couples, families and even friends may pair up to purchase your present. As a guide, you should plan for 50% fewer gifts than guests. So, if you’re inviting 80 guests you should look at 40 – 50 items on your wedding gift list (adding a 10% buffer to make sure you’re covering all price ranges).

Have fun!

The most perfect wedding gift list will be one created with joy! Don’t feel that you have to pick everything you’ll ever need in your new life together. You’ll have the rest of your lives together to build a home full of things you love. The most important part of creating the perfect wedding gift list is to enjoy it! Sit down together, discuss each other’s visions for the future and go from there.

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